Moves Magazine Annual Power Women Gala

Welcome to the Moves Magazine Annual Power Women Gala.

Our annual year-end Dinner and Award Presentation celebrates women from all spheres who endorse our aims and have a marked and practical influence on women’s lives. An example and role model for future generations of young women, our nominees lead by example, are accommodating and flexible by nature, yet strong and immovable on points of principle; always determined but always aware of circumstance.

Moves Magazine advocates for women’s rights, social fairness and equal opportunity to its readers.

The magazine selects our honorees to celebrate how far we have come… and yet, how far we still have to go; to emphasize that opportunities are truly endless if you are willing to work hard for them and to assert that we will never stop pushing for equality in every aspect of our lives and everyones’ lives. We honor women who have strength, presence, humor, and influence. Yes, and “Power”, a word that is often misinterpreted as violence, a word that can be ugly and over dominant. But a word Moves Magazine boldly equates with unwavering presence and hard earned achievement; a power that results from one’s own volition and strength. Our power is not violence – our power is to influence, to persuade and to be steadfast!

What stands out is how Moves Magazine, with content centered around empowering women, is so unlike other publications. The content is conscience driven, politically and socially, shining the light on topics other magazines don’t touch or feel are too controversial. It always takes a sideways look, as evidenced by the diversity of our honorees and their achievements. Some are famous figures, some may dedicate their time to less public endeavors; all make a difference. We honor the worlds of politics, finance, showbiz, television & the media, sports, fashion and design as well as entrepreneurs and savvy business women. In short, those who future generations already admire and strive to imitate.

This year, our landmark twentieth anniversary of promoting these aims and celebrating women, we have created an exciting events calendar that reflects our progress, including an exclusive MovesNexustm Women’s Club, documentary films, a coffee table book, Spring Diversity Event and Summer Forum. Highlighted of course by the 2023 Power Women Gala. Thank you for your support.

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