2005 Honoree

Tina Fallon

Founder, 24-Hour Plays

What a difference a day makes. Or a decade. A day at a time, for the past 10 years, producer Tina Fallon has brought together actors, writers, and directors, challenging them to create 10-minute plays, from blank page to performance. So far, more than 300 of the so-called 24-hour plays have been staged in New York, Aspen, and London, among other venues. “For the artists, it’s a reminder of why they’re doing this in the first place; it generates all the excitement and little of the drudgery,” says Fallon, who will take the plays into the New York City schools with the arts organization, Working Playground, this fall. “And for the audience, it’s the only time when they can appreciate what the actors, writers, and directors have gone through to get there.”

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