2015 Honoree

Robin Quivers

Radio co-host, The Howard Stern Show

“Anyone who wants to be seen as an equal has to stop being a victim.”

Who inspires you the most?

I’m most inspired by those who are passionate about making a contribution.

What do you now know about yourself that you wish you knew ten/fifteen/twenty years ago?

Fifteen or twenty years ago, I wish that I knew that my life belongs to me and that I don’t have to conform to anyone else’s wishes.

Fill in the blank. You can never have enough _____.


What city describes your personality?

Not the city, but the region of Napa Valley. It’s about the good life, enjoying life and there is a one for all, all for one vibe there.

What gets you through even the toughest days and what are you most grateful for?

When I was sick, I discovered that I would change the boundaries of what I could endure because it would hurt the people who loved me to be self-indulgent. I am truly grateful for the amazing friendships I’ve developed. They came together and made sure I had everything I needed.

What socio-political women’s issue do you care about the most? Do you feel women are typically presented fairly in the media? Why or why not?

Freedom is the issue I care most about for everyone. Oppression and inequality rob both the victim and the perpetrator of choice so that no one is truly free. When you ask if women are presented fairly by the media, it implies that all women are the same and that’s not true. Maybe the current system favors certain kinds of stereotypes, but it would be hard to say what’s fair. Life isn’t fair.

Although there is suppose to be a separation between church and state, religion still seems to govern many political decisions regarding women—-abortion, birth control etc.-—usually from men. What is the best approach to shift power over women’s bodies?

We used to think more women in decision-making positions would create that shift and then we discovered there are women who believe that their view of morality gives them the right to tell others what to do. Again, real freedom would mean I get to make all decisions about my body.

What is your best read? Favorite character you would most like to be?

I love Jane Austen, but I doubt I’d like to be any of her characters. If I had to pick a character I’d say I most identify with Scout from To Kill A Mocking Bird.

What would it take for women to be viewed as equal to men? Are sexist jokes problematic, and how do you feel about people’s views that women should just lighten up?

Anyone who wants to be seen as an equal has to stop being a victim. You can’t be both at the same time. The moment someone has to give you equality, you are not equal. If women felt powerful, sexist jokes would just be jokes about women and women would have no problem laughing at them. All of these words and questions are pointing to a problem. Right now the consensus seems to be that there’s something wrong with being a woman. Someone has to bestow us with equality, we need men to stop making jokes. So far, this hasn’t worked, but people keep having the same conversations and asking the same questions and handing out blame.

What was your best decision to date? Your worst?

My best decision so far is taking a job to work with this unknown DJ named Howard Stern. My worst decision was not trusting him when things got tough.

How can women use social media effectively without seeming narcissistic?

Would you ask a man that question?

Write a fortune you’d like all women to receive in a fortune cookie.

You are whole and perfect just the way you are.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

All things in the universe would be at my command.

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