2004 Honoree

Nicole Young

Co-Founder, Command PR

Written by Blake Simpson

Nicole Young is off and running. Forget being a woman on the rise, she is a woman on a mission. Nicole is co-founder of Command PR, a three-year-old public relations firm that includes clients, such as west coast designer Rebecca Beeson, star jeweler Jacob “the jeweler” Arabo, and Evian water. Nicole’s company is not the only thing that makes her go.

Her career and her projects keep her busy, but Nicole believes a full schedule can help you “discover what it is you really want.”

“The best part about everything I do is that it challenges me to try and make everything fit and then to make everything work,” she says. “The opportunity to try different careers has also allowed me to see what I want.”

“When I was finishing college, I began a list of everything I would like to do in my life. So far I have been able to check things off my list, but I keep adding to the list at the same time… I am ambitious. It is a gift and a curse.”

Nicole is also a fashion reporter for the WB11 and is soon to be contributing writer to the New York Post. She is also working on the launch of her own lingerie line (look for it in Fall 2004), as well as a cookbook that combines food with fashion.

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