2005 Honoree

Lizzie Grubman


Written by Iris Blasi

Lizzie Grubman has had her share of bad publicity, yet makes her living generating hype for others. First touted as a ‘power girl’ in a 1998 New York Magazine cover story, Lizzie gained notoriety three years later when the SUV she was driving backed into a crowd of bystanders outside a Hampton nightclub. After serving 37 days in jail, Lizzie proved herself to be a real come-back kid. As the owner of her own public relations company, Lizzie believes that her personal experiences draw some clients to her. “I had bad publicity even prior to my car accident,” she says. “I know how to handle the press.” Now, with her own reality television show–named “Power Girls” after that infamous article airing on MTV–Lizzie is looking forward to doing more television and is even opening a bakery. (It’s a hobby she finds relaxing). As for the future, she has one guarantee: “You’re going to be seeing a lot of Lizzie.”

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