2004 Honoree

Jennifer Baum

Founder, Bullfrog & Baum PR

Written by Jen Quail

Always knowing she would someday start her own business, Jennifer Baum began her career in beauty PR, then moved on to more schooling and multiple waitressing gigs. After earning an MBA in finance, which she hated, Jennifer then accepted a position on the team that opened the Bryant Park Grille.

She has since built an impressive client list that includes clients, such as Bobby Flay, Acqua Pazza, Cub Room, Citarella, Cru, and Broadway Panhandler in New York City. The company’s most recent client resides in Las Vegas: the MGM Mirage. The MGM Mirage is Bullfrog & Baum’s first and only public company and the deal finds them handling food and beverage for five of the company’s properties. “That’s 45 restaurants,” Jennifer says proudly.

Jennifer started Bullfrog & Baum PR with one client and she went on to find a second client in celebrity chef and cookbook author Sara Moutlon. “[Sara] led to immediate credibility,” Jennifer says.

She stayed in the restaurant industry, tackling positions in marketing and business development, but remembers, “I felt there was a lack of integrity and honesty and didn’t want to be a part of that. So I left to develop my own consulting business.”

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