2005 Honoree

Jacquie Lee

Manager, Diversity Multi-Cultural Marketing, Diageo

Written by Iris Blasi

Jacquie Lee started at the bottom and worked her way up, and firmly believes that is the key to success. “Learn everybody’s job,” she says–it is advice she took herself. Through experience at Kodak, Xerox, Coca-Cola, and in music and broadcasting, Jacquie amassed a wide variety of skills. She uses what she learned–marketing, sales, and event planning–in her job today as the Manager of Diversity Multi-Cultural Marketing for the Diageo Company, the leading importer of luxury-brand alcohol products including Tanqueray, Jose Cuervo, and Smirnoff. She oversees marketing targeted at African American, Asian, Hispanic and gay communities, trying to discern, as she explains, “the touch points that motivate them.” She’s looking next to get into television development geared towards minorities, and she encourages people to follow their passion as they search for success.

“Don’t chase the money,” she warns. “Chase the passion, and the money will follow.”

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